How to make Manteconchas. Full recipe including Video

Manteconchas also known as Concha Cupcakes

Manteconchas also known as Concha Cupcakes       I’ve always been a huge fan of Conchas, I find them very easy and fun to bake. The fact that I can play with colors and patterns of the toppings is a big bonus which…
Dinner Bread in shape of a star

Bread Stars

These Bread Stars are definitely worth making. The recipe is easy to execute with ingredients everyone has in their kitchen. It will  add a great addition to a BBQ or any party (I will definitely make them for our 4th of July BBQ) My Bread…
Snowflake Concha Bread

Snowflake Concha Mexican Sweet Bread with Snowflake Pattern

Snowflake Conchas The Mexican Sweet Bread with Snowflake Pattern also known as Pan Dulce How adorable are these buns for Christmastime? Or if you’ve got girls that are obsessed with Disney’s Frozen? Whatever the reason or the season,…
Kaiser Rolls made with breadstamps

Kaiser Rolls German Kaisersemmeln

Kaiser Rolls (German Kaisersemmeln)       Want to make the most beautiful Kaiser rolls you’ve ever seen? You can do it! No need to run out to the bakery. You can make my Kaiser rolls easily in your own kitchen that come…
Fussball_inst (1 of 2)

Soccer Ball Rolls - Fussball Brötchen

Soccer Ball Rolls Goal! These Soccer Ball Rolls are a must-serve for your next soccer game gathering. Your guests will love these tasty rolls that look just like soccer balls. Plus, you can customize them in all sorts of ways with the toppings.…