Snowflake Concha Bread

Snowflake Conchas

The Mexican Sweet Bread

with Snowflake Pattern also known as Pan Dulce

How adorable are these buns for Christmastime? Or if you’ve got girls that are obsessed with Disney’s Frozen? Whatever the reason or the season, you’ll love these sweet and delicious super-moist buns anytime!

I came up with this stamp around Christmas when I wanted some dinner bread with a snowflake pattern. Which worked out amazing! I made some Kaiser bread rolls with a poppy-seed topping.

Aren’t these cute? I decided I could do a few more things with these so keep reading to find out how to make your own cute little snowflake bread!

Snowflake Concha Bread

The Snowflake Conchas Recipe

My recipe creates 6 buns. You’ll need:

6g Dry Yeast

70g lukewarm water

70g evaporated milk

35g melted butter

1 McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract

40g Granulated Sugar

pinch of salt

1 egg

300g All Purpose Bleached Enriched Flour

1 teaspoon McCormick Ground Cinnamon

Dissolve the dry yeast in water.

Take half of the flour and combine it with everything else. Knead until the dough looks very smooth for 4-5 minutes.

Add remaining flour and knead for another 7-10 minutes.

Shape the dough into a ball and place it in a greased bowl. Cover and let rest for 15-30 minutes at room temperature.

While you wait, prep the topping.

You’ll need:

70g powdered sugar

60g softened Butter (Land O’Lakes Unsalted Butter)

½ teaspoon Vanilla Extract (Wilton Imitation clear)

2 drops LorAnn Oils Cinnamon oil flavor

80g All Purpose Bleached Enriched Flour

Few drops Wilton Food color (blue)

Combine all these ingredients and mix/knead until the butter is very well incorporated. It should look very smooth.

I used the clear flavoring from Wilton and LorAnn Oils. I didn’t want the Cinnamon or the Natural Vanilla to change this vivid blue color, but if you would prefer a different color you can do as you wish by adding more or less of the food coloring.


Next, shape it into a flat square. It will cool through much faster this way and will be easier to split into equal pieces later.

Wrap it in clear plastic wrap and then stick it in the fridge for at least 20 to 30 minutes or until you need it.

Don’t handle the topping too much after cooling it. It’s so much easier to work with when it’s cool, especially when you use a stamp.

Once it warms up, it sticks to the stamp and makes a mega-mess.

Split the dough in 6 equal pieces, shape them round and press flat with your hand. If they are not flat, your stamp won’t cut through evenly.

Now do the same with the topping. Split it into 6 pieces, roll between your hands quickly using clear plastic wrap to help you along (watch my video below), and press the topping tightly onto the dough. It’s got to be tight or else the stamp may lift it off.

Punch the snowflake pattern into center with the 3” Snowflake Concha Bread Stamp. You don’t have to cut deep since you only need to cut through the topping.

Let the buns rest for 40 minutes or until you see the topping showing some nice separation in the cuts.


You can see from the photos that the dough underneath the topping is expanding and pulling the topping along, creating separation in the stamped pattern.

Ready to bake? Preheat your oven to 350 F and bake for 15 minutes. Enjoy!


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