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Bread Stars

These Bread Stars are definitely worth making. The recipe is easy to execute with ingredients everyone has in their kitchen. It will  add a great addition to a BBQ or any party (I will definitely make them for our 4th of July BBQ) My Bread Star recipe makes 2 Stars, each of them is almost […]


Snowflake Concha Mexican Sweet Bread with Snowflake Pattern

Snowflake Conchas The Mexican Sweet Bread with Snowflake Pattern also known as Pan Dulce How adorable are these buns for Christmastime? Or if you’ve got girls that are obsessed with Disney’s Frozen? Whatever the reason or the season, you’ll love these sweet and delicious super-moist buns anytime! I came up with this stamp around Christmas […]

Easy Oatmeal Rye Rolls

Easy Oatmeal Rye Rolls     German Bread Rolls (Brötchen) are absolutely amazing. If you’ve ever tried to bake them yourself though, you’ve probably discovered that it is a labor of love. It takes quite a long time to get the dough ready. You’ll see that some recipes require the dough to rest overnight and […]

Kaiser Rolls German Kaisersemmeln

Kaiser Rolls (German Kaisersemmeln)       Want to make the most beautiful Kaiser rolls you’ve ever seen? You can do it! No need to run out to the bakery. You can make my Kaiser rolls easily in your own kitchen that come out with a nice, crunchy crust and a super soft and moist […]

Soccer Ball Rolls – Fussball Brötchen

Soccer Ball Rolls Goal! These Soccer Ball Rolls are a must-serve for your next soccer game gathering. Your guests will love these tasty rolls that look just like soccer balls. Plus, you can customize them in all sorts of ways with the toppings. Keep some plain for those picky eaters, or top them with poppy […]

Cinnamon Roll Easter Lamb

This is just a fun and easy kids project for Easter. Compared to other cooking or baking projects with your kiddos, this one is more on the “clean” side. The plan was to make a video recipe with the “from scratch” version but I ran out of time. I don’t know if it’s just me, […]


Belgian White Beer Bread with Sourdough

Belgian White Beer Bread with Sourdough Replacing the water with beer in a simple sourdough bread recipe sounded like it couldn’t go wrong. After all, is there anything beer can’t do? The result of my little experiment was nothing short of amazing and now I’m sharing it with you so you can harness the power […]


Beer Bread Knot with Whole Grain Rye Flour

Beer Bread Knot with Whole Grain Rye Flour Look at this guy! Have you ever seen a tastier-looking knot? I think ‘knot!’ Haha! Ok, all puns aside, as a German, I thought that the right thing to do for this recipe was to use a German beer when making it. Though you can use any […]